Things you need to know!

Shades Beach & Pool Services will gladly deliver your beach umbrellas and chairs, 7 days a week to any location from the west end of 30A Santa Rosa Beach, FL to Lakewood Drive, Seagrove FL. The equipment will be waiting for you, and you can pay the beach attendant when you arrive! We do not deliver to properties that have a provided beach service, but Shades does recommend you use their services.

Beach days can be precious, and few and far in between. It is important to recognize some common sense behaviors that will ensure everyone, yourself and those around you, enjoy their well-deserved beach day!


Do I need to reserve the beach chairs ahead of time?
No, but we do recommend you try and do so.

If I rent the beach equipment for more than one day, will I be in the same set every day?
Yes, we will keep you in the same set each day, unless you request a move. We will put your name on the set each morning when we set up the beach, so that it is ready and waiting for you when you come out.

Can I pay the beach attendant with my credit card?
Yes, the attendants on the beach also take cash or travelers’ checks.

Can we move our set closer to the water’s edge?
In some instances you can, but in many places, the placement of the beach equipment is set by an ordinance put forth by the city or by the homeowners’ association of the property. It is best to check with the beach attendant on site for information at each individual property.

What is the flag warning system?
It is a warning system used by the Walton and Okaloosa Counties to alert visitors of the water conditions. While you should always use caution while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, please be aware of the following flag system: A GREEN flag means calm conditions, low hazard. A YELLOW flag means moderate surf and/or currents, medium hazard. A RED flag means high surf/strong currents, high hazard. DOUBLE RED flags mean that the water is closed to the public. A PURPLE flag denotes dangerous marine life. It is not uncommon to see a purple flag flying along with another color, usually a yellow flag.

How to stay cool on the beach​

No Glass Bottles On The Beach.

Leave Only Your Footprints. Please discard your trash in the appropriate receptacles. Remember that we share our beach with several species of birds, with sea turtles and many other creatures. Any refuse left by you can be harmful to them. Trash can also be washed out with the tide and can be harmful to our sea life.

Place your tent in the designated area. Check with the beach attendant regarding appropriate placement. Be sure to secure it properly. Also, please take it with you when you leave, no matter what shape it’s in.

Fill in any deep holes that you or your children dig in the sand. People walking the beach at night don’t see them and they can be hazardous. Also, the beach cleaning machines and emergency vehicles can’t always see them either.

Stay Off Of The Sand Dunes They protect our coast from erosion and are home to the endangered sea turtles. It is unlawful to walk over the dunes.

Don’t move/open the beach service umbrellas. Let your beach attendant tend to your umbrella.